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Requirements for Applicants for the Degree "Doctor of Science"

It is far from possible for everyone to complete a doctoral dissertation, and not everyone has the opportunity to conduct such a serious research work. The has approved specific requirements for PhD applicants:

  • It is important to have at least 5 years of work experience within the walls of a scientific organization;

  • The author of a scientific work must work within the profile organization (in the chosen direction) for at least 1-3 years;

  • Behind the shoulders of the researcher should be periodic research and topical publications, continuous scientific activity and publication activity. Moreover, articles and other works should be posted in peer-reviewed journals, VAK publications and other significant and verified platforms;

  • The applicant for a doctoral degree must have certain scientific merits, patents and developments, achievements recognized by the scientific community;

  • The researcher must clearly plan the course of scientific thought, having developed a plan for a doctoral dissertation, taking into account the rules for registration.

Based on the foregoing, it follows that only an experienced researcher who has a certain authority and experience in the framework of the topic and problem under study can apply for the degree of "Doctor of Science".

Requirements for a scientific advisor

Despite the complete independence of the author of the dissertation, he is obliged to attach himself to the university (for doctoral studies) and choose a scientific consultant who will supervise the progress of the research, give practical advice on its improvement, etc.

Not every researcher is destined to become a mentor. It is important that the applicant meets certain requirements: that the mentor has a scientific degree not lower than "candidate or doctor" of sciences, his association with the scientific field in which the applicant intends to conduct research, the experience of mentoring in the implementation of dissertations and VAK-articles, an active publication position (continuation of research activities), etc.

Thus, the mentor must have experience in carrying out this kind of research, have an idea about the structure and rules for performing scientific work, the subtleties of its defense. Otherwise, the whole ordeal will simply fall apart.

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