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Andy’s hevur orðið

Hetta kappingarárið fer ein av stuðlum okkara, Andy Robson Tips Club, mánaðarliga at hava serligt teigapláss á heimasíðuni við viðmerkingum um bæði B36 og virksemi teirra annars.


Andy Robson Tips er nú stuðul hjá B36 á fjórða ári. Tað er ein ráðgevandi fyritøka, sum veitir sínu mongu haldarum kring allan heimin góð ráð og beinraknar metingar um fótbóltsdystir og kappríðing á Twitter og aðrastaðni. Fyri B36 hevur hendan avtalan verið áhugaverd, tí tað er ein høvuðsorsøk til, at útlendski áhugin fyri felagnum er vaksin munandi hesi seinastu árini.


Fyrsti bloggurin hjá Andy Robson Tips er niðanfyri:


I’m excited to renew my sponsorship of the greatest club in the Faroe Islands for another year.

There’s been a lot of developments with my website Andy’s Bet Club.

We’ve launched plenty of new innovative betting features, all of which are free of charge to use.

With the Cheltenham Festival around the corner we’ve improved our Racing Ratings feature, which was launched in 2023, which has seen over 1.6 million unique users in the last 12 months.

Racing Ratings has allowed users to understand and grasp the overall quality of horses racing across the UK daily. The ABC Rating is calculated using eleven variables ranging from -33 to +33.

The variables include ground conditions, form, odds, trainer stats, and more. The higher the rated horse, the better the value based on the bookmaker's price and the algorithm’s expected price.

In addition to Racing Ratings, I have also launched my Racing Hit Rates feature ahead of the upcoming Cheltenham Festival.

This Hit Rate algorithm, which is again free to use, allows users to get an idea of a horse's overall form across specific tracks, and which courses favour that specific horse.

Moving to football, my Bet Builder page was revamped in order to improve the user experience, with the results proving to be a hit amongst the ABC community. 

The Bet Builder page allows users to easily digest bet builder stats to assist in any potential bet builder selections with live stats breakdown on team announcements.

Over 600,000 users have taken advantage of the Bet Builder feature over the past 12 months, using the stat-based info to help with betting across the Premier League, Championship, Champions League, Europa League/Conference, as well as Europe’s top-five leagues.

Looking ahead to the latter half of 2024, there are plenty of exciting plans in place for Andy’s Bet Club.

On top of the daily football and horse racing tips, courtesy of our team of respective experts, there are big plans ahead as we approach Euro 2024 in Germany.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll be back next month with another update.


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